The Lost Generation

TRINITY Racing Zwift The Lost Generation U23 racing Series


‘The Lost Generation TRINITY Racing Series’ is a Zwift league giving young riders the opportunity to take the next step in their careers.

It’s virtual racing for the the best U-24 and Junior riders in the world, male and female.

Running over four weeks, the series is made up of 5 one-day races over 3 weeks and a stage race in week 4.

Not hard enough for you?

This series is about developing great young riders, so we want to replicate the kind of training load you might have as a young pro. So riders will have to complete set training sessions BEFORE each days racing to qualify for the grand prize or any of the prizes offered as part of the series.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


Because a generation of young riders have missed out on the opportunity to take the next step in their cycling careers. Because everyone deserves a chance. Because TRINITY believe in giving opportunities to talented young riders.

Because this might be your chance to reach the big time. And because there are serious rewards for our winners.


Race Day One
Date: June 17th
World: Yorkshire
Route: 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit
Lap Distance: 13.8km
Number of laps: 3
Total Distance: 41.4km
Course Info:

Race Day Two
Date: June 22nd
World: Richmond
Route: Cobbled Climbs
Lap Distance: 9.2km
Number of laps: 5
Total Distance: 46.0km
Course Info:

Race Day Three
Date: June 24th
World: Paris
Route: Champs-Élysées
Lap Distance: 6.6km
Number of laps: 6
Total Distance with lead-in: 42.8km
Course Info:

Race Day Four
Date: June 29th
World: Innsbruck
Route: Innsbruck KOM After Party
Lap Distance: 37.2km
Number of laps: 1
Total Distance: 37.2km
Course Info:

Race Day Five
Date: July 1st
World: London
Route: London 8
Lap Distance: 20.3km
Number of laps: 2
Total Distance: 40.6km
Course Info:

Stage Race Details to follow.


Send the following to

  1. A copy of your passport, clearly showing date of birth and passport photo.
  2. Link to your ZWIFT profile.
  3. 5 second power*
  4. 20 second power*
  5. 30 second power*
  6. 1 minute power*
  7. 2 minute power*
  8. 5 minute power*
  9. 10 minute power*
  10. 20 minute power*
  11. 60 minute power*
  12. Weight*

*By sharing this information you are giving us permission to share these details with our partners for the purpose of administering this competition only. This data will not be shared outside of TRINITY Racing, Trinity Sports Management and ZWIFT.