TRINITY Racing Mentorship Programme for Cyclists

Press Release – August 4th, 2021.

TRINITY Racing is proud to launch a career mentorship programme for its riders. TRINITY Racing, one of the leading development teams in the world of cycling, is passionate about developing riders and preparing them for their futures, both on and off the bike.

Our team’s riders receive incredible support for their cycling careers from our team partners and staff, but we know that not all our riders will end up in the professional ranks. I was in this position many years ago so I understand how difficult it can be” said Andrew McQuaid, founder of Trinity Sports Management, the UK based company behind TRINITY Racing. “We feel a deep responsibility to ensure our riders are supported for a variety of future career paths.

“This programme is something that even I am looking forward to learning from” said recently retired professional and TRINITY Racing Directeur Sportif Ian Stannard. “I am proud that we as a team are already thinking about how we can help our riders in this way. Whether they stop racing next year or in fifteen years time, I am sure they will learn some valuable lessons which will stand to them in the future”.

As part of the programme, TRINITY Racing riders will be paired with a mentor from the City of London’s professional elite. The riders will benefit from three key points:

– Guidance on professional development outside of sport, and how to tie the two together;
– Share valuable takeaways from professional and athletic careers; andAccess to significant corporate networks across the city.

The idea is to give TRINITY Racing riders a complete toolkit to maximise their cycling and professional careers. This programme’s unique pairing of athletes with corporate mentors has the potential to add value for years to come.

The initial mentors are not typical corporate professionals and, in addition to working in the city, have achieved some incredible performances on Strava and in races as part of the ONYX Racing Team, regularly knocking out 2hrs of fast riding before the clock hits 08:00, The mentors understand the synergies between high level sports and business, and hope to share their values and work ethic with the TRINITY Racing team.

The mentors will include Richard Todd, a partner in the law firm Slaughter and May and Ole Henrik Bang-Andreasen, an analyst at Tower House Partners. Both are former rowers who competed at international level. Todd and Bang-Andreasen will also race under the TRINITY Racing banner at select events in the UK and abroad, starting at the upcoming Tour series events.

I am excited to work with TRINITY Racing on and off the road and I believe this project can become something truly unique and special” said Bang-Andreasen.

I am delighted to work with TRINITY Racing on this new programme, and I am especially looking forward to joining my future mentee in the peloton at a few races this year,” said Richard. “And of course the riders will be able to teach us ‘old’ guys a lot too.

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Trinity Sports Management is a leading sports management, marketing and events company representing elite talent from around the world. As a young and successful team, Trinity is focused on

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