TTTTTOB - Trinity Racing Zwift Team Time Trial at Tour of Britain

That headline is not a typo.

We are very serious about the TTTTTOB – the TRINITY Team Time Trial at the Tour of Britain.

Join Ian Stannard and the TRINITY Racing team as we warm-up for the Stage 3 Team Time Trial at the Tour of Britain on Tuesday, September 7th. 

With the help of our partners at ZWIFT, we will have all of our riders live and online as they warm-up for the team effort, and you can join them, followed by a ZWIFT time trial of the exact same distance as the team will be racing in Llandello, Wales.

The warm up designed by the team coaches should prep you perfectly for this effort replicating the course they will face.

Sign up here for the warm-up and the TT – https://www.zwift.com/uk/events/tag/trinityracing